Jamie’s Guava Bowl

This one has already been spoken for. I’m trading it for 250′ of some premium climbing line.

I learned a lot making this bowl.

1- Guava is REALLY fun to lathe. It was very gentle on me. The shaving came off nice and clean.
2- Guava warps a LOT when drying. When it was done being lathed, it was perfectly round.





Ugly-bottomed Black Acacia

I love this bowl. It was from a tree that fell over on a super steep hillside in Beverly Hills. Oscar and I did some hard work and clever rigging to get that tree off that hillside!

I’ve worked with black acacia before. I made a desk out of it once. The color is amazing!


I call it ugly-bottomed because I made a mistake when I was parting it off the lathe. I’ll explain-

The piece of wood is attached to the lathe via the jaws. They open and close to grab the wood. There ends up being some wood inside the jaws that later in the process you have to cut off… while the wood is spinning. That wood- the wood in the jaws- gets discarded.

So there’s a point where the wood is spinning at about 500 RPM, and you’re essentially holding it in your hand.

I thought I would try a new technique and I made a sort of cradle out of brown paper. When the piece was 99.9% cut free it started wobbling like crazy.

It was out of control. As you can see, damage was done. The foot (the bottom rim on which the bowl sits) was chipped and there were several gouges in the bottom.


So that’s where it’s at.

This one is about 5.25″ across the top. It sits about 1.25″ tall. ….or short!

The Holey Pomegranate Bowl

This was one of the first bowl I made. It was from a pomegranate tree in Mar Vista. The tree was in the way of a building expansion. Rather than removing the tree I got the clients to cut off the few limbs that were going to be in the way of the expansion. This is from one of those limbs.


Here’s what the bottom looks like:

20130710-090739.jpg B

It’s about 3.75″ diameter at the top. It sits about 1.25″ tall.

I could see this being something that sits in your desk at work where you could store your excess awesomeness.